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Jesse Bear, Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear (And The UPS Store Giveaway)

“Wanna wear shorts! Don’t wanna wear jacket! Nooo hat!”

Sounds familiar? Then you probably have a toddler! They’re adorable, funny, and very, very stubborn.

We offer only weather and age-appropriate outfits, give them choice within those boundaries, and still, it is ten degrees below zero and your toddler wants to wear sandals!

We created a paper doll project that helps young children understand and choose weather-appropriate clothing in every season.


  • templates (you could also use photographs)
  • markers/crayons/pencils and stickers/glitter/etc.
  • scissors
  • laminate paper
  • adhesive Velcro strips


1. First, print out the templates.  There are a number available but we went with these. You could also draw additional clothes (my daughter wanted a tutu for her bear).  Another option would be to use photographs of your children and their own clothing.

2. Color and decorate the bear and the clothes. It is interesting to notice that, even though we do not do a lot of coloring sheets, my daughter has internalized the rules for coloring in the lines and filling the white space whereas my son has not.

3. Cut out the shapes.

4. Laminate.  You can use the adhesive clear contact paper or, we headed over to The UPS Store and asked them to laminate for us.  The laminate process they use produces a nice, stiff, sturdy plastic.

5. Add velcro to the front of your bear and to the back of the clothes.

6. Dress your bear to match the weather!

Books to Help Toddlers Dress for the Day and the Weather

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?: One of our favorite storybooks about getting dressed features the playful Jesse Bear. Throughout the day, from pajamas to playtime to lunch to bath to bedtime again, Jesse Bear shares what he’ll wear in fun, engaging rhymes.

Clementine’s Winter Wardrobe features a cat imagining all the clothes she will need for the winter–I think she has almost as many clothes as my daughter! The color pencil drawings give the book a sweet, dreamy look.

More Educational Laminating Fun


The UPS Store would like my readers to have the opportunity to experience the convenience for themselves. They have given me $250 worth of gift cards to give away!


  • One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive $75 worth of gift cards to The UPS Store
  • Two (2) First Prize Winners will receive $50 worth of gift cards to The UPS Store
  • Three (3) Second Prize Winners will receive $25 worth of gift cards to The UPS Store

To Enter:
You can enter 1-3 times by completing any or all of the following. Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

  • Leave a comment on this post sharing how you can use the services at The UPS Store for education or just let me know your favorite thing about The UPS Store.
  • “Like” Naturally Educational and The UPS Store on facebook and leave a separate comment (just one for “liking” both) to let me know.
  • Subscribe to the Naturally Educational e-mail digest and make sure to confirm your subscription and leave a separate comment to let me know.

Winners will be chosen at random from valid entries. Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST February 7, 2011.

Disclosure: I am writing this post in part as a paid The UPS Store Brand Ambassador and in conjunction with the Lovin’ Logistics campaign at Collective Bias. All opinions stated here are my own and are not affected by compensation.

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Candace Lindemann, Yale, BA, Harvard Graduate School of Education, EdM, is an educational consultant and published writer. She enjoys new learning experiences with her children, ages 6 and 4 and 1.5.

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    My favorite thing about The UPS Store is the convenience. There’s a location just down the street from me, there’s rarely a long wait for service, and it’s right next to the post office, too, offering an easy alternative to mailing.

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    Love the idea! Later this week we are doing “weather” and seasons in our activity-calendar! I’ll have to remember to feature you then!

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    I like all the printing options they have.

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    Can you believe I’ve never been to a UPS store. I guess I need to get educated!

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    I use the UPS store alot and they are always friendly. You get in and out quickly and my stuff is always delivered/tracked. It is a world of difference going there over the negative/miserable lines at the post office.

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    For our Chinese New Year party, we get bubble wrap at the UPS store and let the kids stomp it so it sounds like the traditional fireworks.

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    My favorite thing about the UPS store is that they are a super convenient place to get passport pictures taken quickly to send off for renewal (when I forgot…)

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    My fave thing about the ups store is how convenient it is!

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    I love that they take all my bags of packing peanuts and reuse them!

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    We use UPS for laminating and printing. My daughter is in the process of making a custom Flat Stanley type project, we put our own spin on it and made our own story to go along with the cut-out we created.

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    I love that the UPS Store will notarize documents for just a couple dollars.

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