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Balloon Obstacle Course

Today, please welcome the fun-tabulous Jamie of Hands on : as we grow.  She has a gift for sneaking authentic learning into fun, play-time activities.  While I am on maternity leave, I will be featuring a few inspiring posts from some of my favorite activity, craft, and education bloggers!

Making an activity course is super simple and easy to do with just a couple of balloons! It can be filled with tons of learning experiences along the way, too!

Using our ABC Mat, we set the path of our activity course, though you could use anything, taping arrows to the floor or using cardboard boxes as activity spots.

3 rules:

  1. Stay on the mat at all times [making the effort makes it fun!]
  2. Transfer the balloons from the beginning of the course to the end
  3. Do the activities at each activity spot [adjust the activities to fit the child]

Activity Spot 1:
Jump and hit 3 balloons that are hanging. [Count along as you hit them : 1-2-3]

Activity Spot 2:
Jump 3 times. [Again, count along as you jump : 1-2-3]

Activity Spot 3:
Spin 3 times [Once again, counting as you spin : 1-2-3]

Activity Spot 4:
Travel through the tunnel, transferring the balloon as you go.

Place the transferred balloon in a destination spot and start the course again!

Encourage problem solving throughout the course.

Carrying, pushing or hauling the balloons. What works best?

If all the balloons are all hauled at once, is it faster? easier?

An activity meant to release some excess energy turned into a problem solving experimentation with loads of learning during all the play!

About the Author:

This balloon activity course can originally be found at hands on : as we grow, written by me, Jamie. I’m a mother of two boys [one very active preschooler]. Hands on : as we grow is filled with activities and crafts, focused on play for my preschooler, with subtle hints of learning within. My youngest son is 8 months and just starting to take part in some baby play activities.

Some of my favorite posts are ones just like this one I shared with Candace, ones that I have categorized as Energetic Activities. Another fun balloon one is Balloon Badminton. Henry also gets crafty at times, we always make it fun though. My favorite is our latest creation for Mother’s Day, a tissue paper bouquet.

I love to share ideas that inspire me on my facebook page. I also love to interact on the page, so please stop by and say hello!

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Occasional guest posts from activity, craft, and education bloggers are welcome at Naturally Educational, especially those that cover topics outside Candace's areas of expertise!

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2 Responses to "Balloon Obstacle Course"

  1. oh i want to play along with this too…i love balloons and bubbles!!!

  2. Natalie Z says:

    oh that is so great for an inside activity during this 100+ weather we are having right now. especially since it is able to give items that most families already a 2nd life!