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4 Picture Books About Hurricanes #Irene

Here are some Picture Books About Hurricanes for kids.

I didn’t have the foresight to check these out of the library this week before Irene shut everything down. So, the descriptions are from the publisher. I will update this post once we’ve had a chance to read these Hurricane books for kids.

Hurricane by David Wiesner: The morning after a hurricane, two brothers find an uprooted tree which becomes a magical place, transporting them on adventures limited only by their imaginations.

Big Wind Coming! by Karen English: When Sarah and her family realize a hurricane is headed towards their farm, they board up the windows, collect their candles and flashlights, and wait. But Sarah can’t find her favorite doll, so she sneaks outside to look for her. When the winds grow strong, Mama and Papa pull her back into the house. After the hurricane passes, the family surveys the damage and Sarah wonders if she could have survived the big storm.

Hurricane!, by Corinne Demas: Hurricane Bob is headed for Cape Cod, and Margo races to help her family prepare for the storm. She fills up the bathtub with water, collects vegetables from the garden and comforts her dog, Pepper. Margo describes the suspense of waiting for the hurricane, and tells what it’s like when it really hits her house. The world is changed once the hurricane has passed. When electric power is finally restored after five days, Margo discovers that Hurricane Bob has left behind some things that no one had predicted.

Sergio and the Hurricane, by Alexandra Wallner: Sergio lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan is usually sunny and peaceful, but one day the sky grows dark and the ocean gets choppy. A hurricane is coming, and Sergio and his family must prepare for the storm. Through the experiences of one little boy, readers will learn about hurricanes and the damage they can do.

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One Response to "4 Picture Books About Hurricanes #Irene"

  1. I love that your blog is keeping up with current topics and helping children understand complex issues. I still remember before I had children the week after September 11th my six year old nephew caught me off guard with questions. Children know what is going on in the world and this post is a wonderful resource. Thanks!!!