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Government, Democracy, and Currency Activities

As a former history and social studies teacher, teaching about government should come natural to me.  However, I found it challenging to break down this complex topic to a preschool or kindergarten level.  Focusing on national symbols or a simplified version of democracy worked really well for us.  We also explored currency as part of this week.  For primary school students, looking at local government may be more comprehensible than broad questions of national politics.

These are highlights from the Government Linky from the Smart Summer Challenge!*

Campaign Posters at Early Bird Homeschool

Penny Platime at Nat and Kat-a-Blog

Bald Eagle Hand Print from our Facebook fan, Sarah

Voting for Red, White or Blue Ice Cream at A Day in the Life of My Little Brood

Measuring the Statue of Liberty at Harvest Moon by Hand

Where is My Money Made at Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational

Counting, Wrapping and Estimating Coins at Teach Mama

Patriotic Eye-Spy Rice Bottle at Pink and Green Mama

My posts for the week:

exercising our democratic right to vote for our favorite ice cream flavor,

skip counting coins,

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* Recently I co-hosted the “Smart Summer Challenge” with MaryLea of Pink and Green Mama and Amy of TeachMama.

I’m moving my weekly themed “round-ups” of submissions to new posts to make them easier to find.

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