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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you enjoy your feast tomorrow!

My daughter has been diligently working on her costume for her kindergarten Thanksgiving party.

She was very insistent on doing much of it herself and it took all of my restraint not to help her along or interfere. I gave her one of my old t-shirts and she fringe-cut the bottom and sleeves:

And then she beaded the fringe:

I tied off the bottom of the fringe for her after she put the beads on.

Then she drew symbols on her shirt:

She also demanded a “princess cross-cross” tie (in her words) so I used pencil to mark where she should sew and she used a plastic needle and yarn to make that part of her shirt.

Then she made a vest out of a paper grocery bag:

Finally, we added the medicine bag she made earlier and a Native American-inspired headdress.

Apparently she is a Ballerina Native American Princess. I barely talked her out of the tiara.

Here are a few Thanksgiving Crafts and Books we have enjoyed in the past:

Mayflower Centerpiece

Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet

Pinecone Turkeys

5 Picture Books About Thanksgiving and Turkeys

Hand and Foot Turkey

We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with family!

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4 Responses to "Happy Thanksgiving!"

  1. Jennifer says:

    She looks adorable in her native american outfit!