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Winter Snowflake Fairy

We made a Flower Fairy in the spring and a Leaf Fairy in the fall. Before the first day of winter, my daughter made a snowflake fairy.

She really took charge of the process and had a great time with it.


  • wooden bead
  • embroidery floss for the hair
  • three chenille stems (body/legs, arms, wings)
  • material for the clothing (we used a coffee filter snowflake and some tulle I had)


1. First my daughter cut a snowflake from a coffee filter and added glitter.

2. Then we followed the same steps as for the other fairies: fold one pipe cleaner in half and poke the folded part through the wooden bead until there is a small loop on the other end.

3. Wrap a loop of embroidery floss and thread halfway through the loop. Pull the loop to secure.

4. Cut the ends of the floss.

5. Wrap the second chenille stem around the body to form the arms and to secure the skirt. (For this fairy, we also criss-crossed tulle as a top and tied a bow in back.)

6. Create a “figure eight” with your third stem to form the wings and twist around the body to secure. (Note: You could also just use the tulle bow as the wings but my daughter wanted the pipe cleaner wings, too.)

7. Add some sort of hat. I suggest pine cones but she wanted a felt hat to look like a holly leaf with berries. We’ve also used acorn caps in the past.

8. Shape your wings, turn up little hands and feet, and put on any finishing touches.

Educational Connections:

This one is really more about beauty and imagination than any other specific educational goals. However, you can definitely find some educational connections:

  • Science / Nature: Winter is a time when much of nature sleeps in the Northern hemisphere. How do plants get ready for winter? How do perennials survive the winter? What animals hibernate for the winter? What animals do not? What do those animals that do not sleep during the winter do for food and warmth?
  • Science: How do snowflakes form?
  • Language Arts: What jobs might your leaf fairy have to get the world ready for winter? Tell/act-out/write a story about your fairy’s winter preparations.
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Candace Lindemann, Yale, BA, Harvard Graduate School of Education, EdM, is an educational consultant and published writer. She enjoys new learning experiences with her children, ages 6 and 4 and 1.5.

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