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6 Ways Kids Can Help Animals

The Lorax speaks for the trees and also the Brown Barbaloots, Swomee Swans, and Humming Fish. Children are drawn to animals, both wild and domesticated. Providing guardianship for the animals who cannot speak for themselves is a natural way that children can live like the Lorax. Little people learn that they can make a big difference.

1. Make a Bird Feeder

Our backyard songbirds are in trouble. Vanishing habitats and food sources, toxic insecticides, and predators like outdoor cats mean that their numbers are dwindling. Upcycle a carton into a DIY birdfeeder so you can enjoy our fine feathered friends while providing food. If you want to do more, add a bird bath and provide some nesting materials.

2. Plant a Butterfly Garden

Planting a butterfly garden is win-win. You get to observe beautiful butterflies and you provide a habitat and food for these pollinators. Don’t forget to plant caterpillar food and host plants as well as the showier butterfly nectar plants.

3. Knot a Fleece Blanket for Shelter Pets

Kids love their pets and want to help all the puppies, kittens, gerbils, and others that have no forever homes. Next time they ask, “Can we keep him?” break out a list of things you can do to help shelter pets. A great craft is to make No-Sew Fleece Blankets, either the traditional knotted kind or these braided-edge no-sew fleece blankets(from Helping Little Hands). You could also collect blankets, cardboard tubes, boxes, and other supplies or bake doggie biscuits(from Teach Mama).

4. Help injured or lost animals

Kids will need your help for this one. First, they should know that they should never touch a wild animal without adult supervision–moving or touching an animal can result in injury to the person and the animal! Young children can learn to go get an adult when they spot an animal in trouble. Always call your local nature center to find out what appropriate action you can take to safely help the animal. Most baby animals that appear lost are actually fine and should be left alone. However, there may be times when an animal needs help–such as assisting a turtle in crossing a street.

5. Count the animals

To help animals, we need to know more about them and their habits. Kids can assists naturalists with their work by counting animals–birds and turtles, especially. Photo by Michael Murphy.

6. Clean-up habitats

Trash can be harmful to animals. By cleaning up habitats, we help create a healthier world for the animals and ourselves. Our Daisy troop is cleaning up a nature trail at a local beach–I found some tips for organizing a beach or waterway clean-up at andGreen Hands USA. Photo by The Mighty Tim Inconnu.

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