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Cloudy Days

Today was a great mix of weather. Some rain, thunder and lightening, as well as periods of sunshine.  We used the wonderful array of clouds in the sky to do a fun lesson on the types of clouds. (excuse the power lines in the pic)


blue construction paper


1. First I sat down at the computer with the kids to show my kids a very short video on how clouds are formed. We liked this one as it was short, simple and to the point.

2. Next the kids and I went outside to look at the clouds in the sky.  We did this at different points throughout the day, once in am when it was sunny out and then later in the day when it was about to start raining. They described the clouds to me as best they could.  White and fluffy, “do the care bears really live there?!”, and later big and black.

Mommy look! The clouds are getting dark. Yep, it was time to get inside.

3, Back inside we looked a pictures of the different types of clouds. We tried to match the clouds that we saw outside to the ones in the pictures to determine the types.  We used this site as I really liked the simplicity of the picture for my young children.

Educational Connections:

Science: Name the different types of clouds you view in the sky.

Art: Draw a picture of the sky as it is right now.

Language Arts: Write a story about what you would like to do on a cloudy day.

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