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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From our family to yours: Happy Holidays!

What can I say? The end of the year has been trying for our family but so much more so for other families in our region. We have each other and our memories we are building together.

Each year since our eldest was two, we have included a family portrait she has drawn on our New Year’s card. Though I wasn’t sure anything could beat the floating baby inside Mommy or the baby in the sling, I think she outdoes herself every year. This year, our middle son was pleased to join in the tradition and contribute half of the portrait. Can you tell which half?

We have been so very blessed in our family. I hope you have many blessings to count, too, and will take joy in them. Best wishes to you for the New Year!

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Candace Lindemann, Yale, BA, Harvard Graduate School of Education, EdM, is an educational consultant and published writer. She enjoys new learning experiences with her children, ages 6 and 4 and 1.5.

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