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30 Kids’ Activities, Crafts, and Education Bloggers to Follow on Pinterest

Are you addicted to Pinterest yet? I get so many wonderful kids’ activities, crafts, and learning ideas from Pinterest. Pinterest is also a great way to organize and keep all the neat projects I want to try.

I would love to see you on Pinterest. You can follow my pins and see what I am digging!


Here are my TOP 30 MUST FOLLOW Kids’ Activities, Crafts, and Education Pinners on Pinterest**, in no particular order:

1. Candace Lindemann ( Although my following is not yet as large as some of these other pinners, I hope you enjoy the children’s activities, crafts, and educational posts I pin. I have a lot of seasonal, holiday, and subject matter themed boards I would love to share with you!

2. Valerie ( You know Valerie, right? She is totally in touch with her inner child. You’ll find lots of materials-themed boards–if you were wondering what to do with pinecones, cereal boxes, or newspapers, look no further! Plus, Valerie has lots of neat ideas for organizing, feeding, and entertaining the little ones.

3. Amy Mascott ( Amy brings experience in the classroom and as an online community organizer to her boards. Amy groups her boards around some of the most popular topics from her We Teach community, such as “Special Learners,” “Toddlers,” and “Movin’ and Groovin’.”

4. MaryLea Harris (PinknGreenMama/ MaryLea is a talented and creative artist with lots of experience working with kids. Her creativity just shines through in her colorful boards!

5. Marie ( I think of Marie as the Martha Stewart of the online kids’ crafting community. Her projects are always so well thought-out and beautiful! She also knows how to have fun–one of her boards is “Googly Eye Madness!”

6. Melissa Taylor (Melissa_Taylor2Imagination Soup): This is *the* place to find literacy activities for kids. In addition to literacy pins, Melissa’s boards are well-stocked with ideas for math, science, crafts, and also organization and other parenting lifestyle tips.

7. MaryAnn Kohl (Maryann_Kohl): Yes, THE MaryAnn Kohl, the guru of kids’ process art…and she’s also a lovely person, too!

8. Rachel Miller (leviandrachel – Kids Activities Blog): Inspirational. That’s probably the best word to describe this woman who is constantly supporting other bloggers and pushing them to be their best. Through her pinboards (organized by ages and by her interests), you can follow her on her journey and find out what excites this inspiring woman.

9. Jamie (handsonaswegrowHands On : As We Grow): A lot of people pay lip service to the idea that play is the way kids learn but you can see Jamie truly believes it. Just look at her top boards: “Kids Love to Learn,” “Toddlers Play, Too,” “What can the Baby Do?”

10. Ana and Roxana ( Trying to raise a multilingual, multicultural kid? Get tips from the ladies who literally wrote the book on it!

11. Erin Wing ( You know that literacy is the foundation of academic learning and that creating a print rich environment helps children learn to read and love to read…so get innovative and excellent tips from Erin.

12. Rachelle ( This laboratory is all about kids’ creativity, with a heavy focus on art and science. If it is fun, clever, and often awesomely messy, you’ll find it here.

13. Shannon (TotSchoolShannon’s Tot School): Shannon’s boards are the place for Pre-K: crafts, printables, and activities. She really delves into a theme and gets every last bit of exploration, learning, and fun on a topic.

14. Maggy (RedTedArtRed Ted Art): Maggy’s art projects and crafts for children are so lovely and creative.

15. Michelle Anthony (Tofutti): Michelle was a source for an article I wrote on bullying and I was so excited to see her on Pinterest. She pin on a range of topics, from the serious (behavior, assessment, fine motor kills) to the lighthearted (bubbles, brain breaks, fun food).

16. Cassi (TheCraftCrowThe Crafty Crow): Cassi describes her site as “A Children’s Curated Art & Craft Collective”: her round-ups are the best of the best.Check out her boards and you are sure to find something you cannot wait to try!

17. Cathy James (CathyJamesNurture Store): I love Cathy’s worldview, evident from the categories on her blog, like “messy,” “outdoor,” and “spirit.”

18. Jennifer Kable (mamabare42Let the Children Play): Ideas for outdoor learning, galore! I wish I had the time and talent to make half of these “playscapes” possible.

19. Sharon (TeachingTotsTeaching Tiny Tots): Lots of ideas for math, science, holidays, and awesome kids’ parties.

20. Allison McDonald (noflashcardsNo Time for Flash Cards): Probably the first kids’ activities blogger I started following on the Internet. Allie is one of the original and is still one of the first bloggers I turn to for ideas! Her boards are pure joy!

21. Jean Van’t Hul (jvanthul  – The Artful Parent): Lots of ideas for creative and colorful arts and crafts! Jean knows how to nurture the artist in every child and can show other parents how!

22. Melissa (ChocoMuffinTreeThe Chocolate Muffin Tree): Melissa has an eclectic grouping of art projects, including Balloon Art, Blottos, and Jewelry art. She also pins interesting art to her board and projects for adults.

23. Laura Hutchison (PlayDrMomPlayDrMom): Laura is a “clinical psychologist specializing in children and play therapy” so you can guess what to expect on her boards: meaningful ideas for play and lots of them!

24. Kim and Amanda (EducatorsSpinOnThe Educator’ Spin On It): Cooking with kids, crafting with kids, gardening with kids, they’ve got it all!

25. Deirdre (JDaniel4sMomJDaniel4’s Mom): Following Deirdre is like experience a fun day with a warm and caring mom, from start to finish. She has learning ideas, craft projects, and fun food.

26. Deborah (TeachPreschoolTeach Preschool): Deborah brings 20 years of experience in preschool education to her curation of pins…so she knows what works! I love hearing her insights into how young children learn.

27. Anna (ImaginationTreeThe Imagination Tree): Play, play and more play is what you’ll find on Anna’s boards, plus genius ideas for storing and displaying and organizing all the awesome arts and crafts.

28. Deb Chitwood (DebChitwood – Living Montessori Now): Deb is my source for Montessori-inspired ideas and units.

29. Jackie Currie (HappyHooligansHappy Hooligans: Lots of holiday kids’ craft ideas, plus science, art, and parenting!

30. Bernadette (MomTo2PoshDivas – Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas): Bernadette’s boards are bursting and brimming over with fun themes, including pirates (Arrr!), bath fun, and dinosaurs!


 ** Yes, this list is 100% subjective–no numbers were manipulated or harmed in the making of this list. These are simply the people by whom I am most inspired (in this category) at the moment…I am sure I forgot someone and will no doubt discover someone new tomorrow. And, yes, I included myself. It is my list so I can do that! You can find even more suggestions on the “Fab Bloggers Pin Board!”

Hope to see you there!

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Candace Lindemann, Yale, BA, Harvard Graduate School of Education, EdM, is an educational consultant and published writer. She enjoys new learning experiences with her children, ages 6 and 4 and 1.5.

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  1. Carla M says:

    Hi Candace,

    Please check out my Pinterest boards:

    I don’t have a website, but considering, I have over 11,000 Pinterest followers!! Hope to see you there!

    Carla M

  2. Great list, Candace!! Thanks for sharing all the places you find inspiration! I often turn to Pinterest too! I’m following your boards now. Check mine out here:

  3. Candace says:

    Thank you, both! I checked out your boards and am following both of you now… I look forward to being inspired by your pins!

  4. I’m honored to be included in your awesome list, Candace! Thanks so much! :)

  5. stacy says:

    So many of my personal favorites too! Excited to check out the ones that are new to me, thanks!

  6. jackie says:

    I’m totally honoured to be included in your list among so many wonderfully talented bloggers. Thank you Candace! I’ve checked to make sure I’m following all of them! :)

  7. so flattered and honored to be included in such talented company, my friend! thank you.

  8. Candace!!! You’ve just made my day!!!!!!! xoxo

  9. You will never know how much you just made my day. I stopped by to see if I was following the wonderful people on the list. I never dreamed I would be on it.

  10. What a great list! Making sure I’m following these today!

  11. Country Fun says:

    Always like seeing who others are following. What is especially fun is finding someone new to follow as I did today.
    I’m at

  12. Samantha says:

    Thanks for the list. :) New pinterest accounts to follow!

  13. Jess says:

    This was seriously one of the best compiled lists I have ever seen regarding some of the most solid pinners & bloggers. So wonderful and huge thanks for the introduction to some new outlets for creativity in our home!

  14. Great list! I was already following all but 4 of these. Always happy to find new ones. I currently have over 8,000 pins on 130 preschool/education/parenting boards.

  15. Amazing! Its genuinely amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea concerning
    from this paragraph.

  16. MaryLea says:

    Great list Candace, thank you for including me with such wonderful and talented bloggers!