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Why Choose Online Music Lessons? Lessonface Review

Music is an important part of a complete education. Music stimulates the brain and, more importantly, it feeds the soul.

Coming from a musical family and having played two instruments myself, I knew I would encourage my children to learn an instrument. My two eldest study classical piano, my five year old has also started cello, and my seven year old wants to begin learning to play the flute.

We received two free lessons at Lessonface to review their service and explore the benefits of online music lessons. I am excited to share our experience with you, explain why you might want to take online lessons with Lessonface, and also give you a coupon code for Lessonface. We chose to schedule one lesson on guitar and another on the flute. My daughter is a complete beginner on both instruments although she is an intermediate piano player. Neither of our teachers seemed aware that we were reviewing the service and I feel confident that we received a typical customer experience.

There is also a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your first lesson.

The lessons were incredibly easy to set-up. With the Lessonface website, you can sort teachers not only by instrument but also by availability, skill level, price level, and more.

The lesson interface was simple to use and worked with no bugs or glitches. I simply downloaded the video conferencing software, clicked a link, and entered a code. Your teacher appears in the full screen with a small embedded screen showing the view of you. I would have been interested to see how accompaniment or duets would have worked with the interface but that was not part of either lesson.

Both teachers were professional, engaging, warm, and comfortable with the online format. My daughter felt she connected well with both teachers and was very enthusiastic. I have a high standard for musical instruction and they definitely met and exceeded it.

Given that my daughter was a complete beginner with both instruments, the lessons were very successful. She walked away from each lesson with something enjoyable she could play and practice and a desire to move forward with more lessons. Given her level, she does need some hands on assistance with technique and positioning. Since I was able to provide some of that coaching, having played both instruments when I was younger, the lesson still worked well for her. If a young child is a complete beginner, the parent should expect to participate in the lesson. With a slightly more experienced player who has the basics down, however, I believe the online experience would be even more productive.

One of the nice aspects for me is that I don’t have to load all four kids in the car, drive 5-20 minutes, and then keep the other kids occupied in a studio or store during one child’s lesson.

I would recommend online music lessons with Lessonface for:

  • Families that move often, such as military families: Children thrive on consistency. Moving and starting all over again is challenging, especially when one or both of your parents is frequently gone for field exercises and deployments. Having the same music teacher follow you wherever you go is a huge benefit.
  • Busy families looking to save time and money: Instructors set their own rates, which vary widely. Whichever instructor you choose, however, you will save time and money on traveling to and from studio or storefront lessons.
  • People who are studying a less common instrument or style of music: Finding a piano or violin teacher should be easy in most locations. What if you do not live in a major urban area and want to learn the sitar? Or possibly you are specifically interested in Spanish guitar? In our suburban town, we had a difficult enough time finding the right cello teacher. You might have to travel a large distance to find a good didgeridoo instructor or you could just log on to Lessonface in the comfort of your home.
  • Geographically isolated people: Talented instructors for even more common instruments might be difficult to find for those who live in more rural areas. No matter where you live, a Lessonface instructor comes right to you.
  • Children and adults with special needs: You can filter by instructors who have experience working with special needs students. Lessonface also allows you to learn at your home for those who have difficulty traveling to an instructor’s studio.
  • Homeschoolers: I have seen a number of homeschoolers who have no experience of their own including instrumental instruction in their curriculum. While this is fantastic, an inexperienced teacher runs the risk of teaching poor technique. This could hobble a child’s musical progress later. Lessonface provides a low-investment way to have an expert introduce an instrument to your child.
  • Advanced students seeking expert instruction: Even if music teachers are plentiful in your area, you may need a master teacher to move your learning to the next level. Lessonface has a roster of some very impressive teachers.
  • Students seeking audition or competition preparation: Students auditioning for Berklee or Julliard can get tips from alumni who have been there.

Sign-up to get started at Lessonface and use this coupon code: $15 off with lessonface15

I received two free lessons from as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions expressed are my own.

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