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F is for Flowers

Earlier in the spring, we learned about rain and the water cycle and about the plant life cycle.  Then, once our flowers bloomed, we explored our garden. We dissected flowers, pressed flowers, made daffodil flower crafts out of cardboard toilet paper tubes, and we also practiced writing using flower petals.

As with most of our “letter of the week” crafts, I modify it to include writing the whole word for my daughter, who is in the earliest stages of reading.

Luckily, my parents celebrated their anniversary while visiting us because I’ve been quoted telling my husband “no cut flowers”…officially…in the paper of record (ie: The New York Times). So, for once, we had plenty of flower petals without having to raid our rather small garden.


  • flower petals
  • glue
  • construction paper


1. Write the letter “F” (upper and lower case) on a piece of paper. (For my daughter, I wrote “flowers”.)

2. Trace the letters with glue. (My daughter does this herself; my son needs me to guide his hands.)

3. Use Flower petals to fill in the letters. With larger letters, this is fairly easy.

My daughter really enjoyed the challenge of finding petals that curved to help her create the smaller letters we used to write the entire word.

Here is our lovely flower letter art:

We found some beautiful flower alphabet books that I will highlight in another post!

Educational Connections:

  • Literacy: What other words begin with “F”? Can you think of a flower for every letter of the alphabet?
  • Art: Can you make a rainbow with flower petals?
  • Science / Botany / Ecology: What is the purpose of the flower petal? How many different types of petals can you find in your garden?

This post is part of the Smart Summer Challenge–we’re encouraging you to beat the summer vacation slide with fun, everyday learning activities! You can take just 10 minutes a day to find the educational opportunities all around us or get as elaborate as you like! Whatever you do, we invite you to share your experiences each week in our linky, which goes up every Friday during the challenge and stays open through Thursday.

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